6 Signs to Know if Eloping is the Right Choice for You

March 28, 2023


Okay, let’s be real. While large, traditional weddings can be a fun-filled day and a great option for some…they are not for everybody.

So how do you know if eloping is right for you? Here are 6 signs that planning an elopement is the best fit for your and your fiancé’s personalities and overall priorities when it comes to planning a wedding.

  1. You desire an intimate & personal wedding experience.

San Diego Cliffs Elopement

Sunset Cliffs San Diego Couple’s Photos

Do you care more about having just “your people” at your wedding than throwing a big party with family members you’ve never even spoken to before attending? Planning an elopement may be right for you then. When planning a wedding it’s important to get clear on what your priorities are. If care more about having your closest friends & family around you and lots of time for just you and your new spouse on your wedding day, then you’ll love eloping. With traditional weddings, couples often report that the entire day was a whirlwind & typically only have 10-15 minutes of time for just the two of them, if at all. Elopements provide you with plenty of space & time to soak in all the excitement & love from the day. Elopement-style celebrations also provide you with greater ability to personalize your wedding as we’re not limited to a traditional wedding timeline.

You can customize the flow of the day to be exactly how you desire. Want a sunrise ceremony on the top of a mountain followed by a lavish brunch with all your closest people? Go for it!!

2. You don’t love being the center of attention.

While this certainly isn’t a prerequisite to opting for an elopement, it’s no secret that traditional wedding days put a huge spotlight on you. Some couples love the idea of that. However, if you get nervous about tripping while walking down the aisle, saying your vows in front of everyone, or having all eyes on you, then an elopement may be more of your style. You can still have the wedding of your dreams without all the added attention. This way the focus of the day is primarily on you, your partner, and truly celebrating your love story.

Eloping was the best decision. Our day was so fun, stress-free, and a true adventure.

San Diego, California Elopement

3. You want a fun wedding celebration that won’t break the bank.

The cost per guest can really add up when it comes to your overall cost for your wedding. Additionally, venue reservation is often your largest expense. Elopements can mitigate the costs of these two items significantly. Allowing you the have the same amount of fun & celebration at your wedding for a lower cost. Many outdoor scenic destinations require a permit fee & some additional costs for reservation, but these still are much less in comparison to the average cost of a venue. The last thing you want is to go into marriage in debt. This way you can focus on putting your money toward the details & vendors that matter to you most. You can have a gorgeous wedding celebration while still having more money left for your honeymoon, a new house, etc as you walk into this exciting new season of life!

4. You love the idea of a destination wedding.

While elopements certainly don’t have to be at a scenic destination, they make for a great option when it comes to planning a destination wedding. If you are a lover of nature & beautiful scenery then you’ll love the options you have with eloping. While this will add a bigger price tag to your wedding day overall, it’s definitely worth it. If you’ve always imagined a vibrant beach wedding in Mexico or the exquisite backdrop of Italy – with an elopement it is much easier to coordinate just your closest friends & family to accompany you on your special day rather than 200 guests. The flexible timeline of elopements also provides us with plenty of time to capture beautiful couples’ photos in these scenic locations that you’ll be sure to want to frame. Most wedding timelines only have about 10-20 minutes for couple’s photos whereas elopements often allow much greater flexibility to get creative. If having photos of you and your spouse is one of your top priorities then eloping provides us with the time & space to get those photos you’ve always dreamed of.

5. You don’t want to be stressed on your wedding day.

It’s no secret that wedding planning can be stressful. Ask just about any engaged couple currently planning their wedding. Not only can wedding planning be stressful but in some cases with large weddings, the day itself can have some added stress as well. Most wedding stress I’ve seen comes from not having enough time to fit everything in. If it takes longer for hair and makeup to be done than expected, with a rigid timeline there is little room for your events to get pushed back. With an elopement, there are fewer people to be concerned about coordinating & therefore often a much greater amount of flexibility for the events on your timeline, including getting ready.

California Beach Elopement San Diego

6. You want to authentically tell your unique love story.

Because of the intimate nature of elopements, couples can really focus on creating a personalized approach in the curation of their wedding day. Often less moving parts are involved which allows you to really refine the details & make them custom to you & your love story. This shows up in your wedding photo gallery as well – all the intricate details & raw emotions really tell a story, not just of your day, but of your love. With fewer restrictions, you can get as personalized as you’d like! if you love the non-traditional & want a day that is UNIQUE, then elopements are right up your alley. Bring your dog to the wedding or have a pool party rather than a dance floor!


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